Toadie calls on Paul to help bring the Ramsays back to Erinsborough. Feeling guilty that he hasn’t been there for them, Paul does everything he can to help. However, Rebecca believes it is better to be ‘cruel to be kind’ and so cuts off the Ramsay’s money. Much to everyone’s surprise, this is the solution that works.

Stopped at a country roadhouse, Kate’s debit card is rejected and, stressed, she struggles to keep it together. Seeing the toll this is having on his sisters, Harry decides that he will sacrifice himself, and assures them that he is prepared to face the music if it means Kate and Sophie can stay together.

Fearing she’s been blacklisted from the fashion world by Saffron, Donna is upset with Ringo’s lack of support. Ringo suggests it might be a blessing in disguise and that Donna should find a worthier goal. Donna takes offence to this and is angry that Ringo is implying his dreams of being a paramedic are more important than hers.

Ringo insists that is not what he meant and assures Donna that he believes she can do anything she puts her mind to. However, Donna isn’t reassured and the distance between them continues to grow.