Carmella and Marco’s picnic party and Jay’s fire service volunteer group are forced to run for their lives when a bush-fire rages out of control. As Dan remains trapped under the tree, Nicola, Jay, Ned and Steve manage to move it, leaving Nicola to examine Dan’s injuries.

Rebecca worries about Karl and Susan, but Oliver says they can’t stay and look for them. Paul tries and fails to rescue Kirsten as she lies near Toadie’s 4X4. Meanwhile, Karl and Susan head to higher ground, but fail to get a phone signal. However, they are relieved when Karl flags down a vehicle driven by Paul, and they head to the hospital.

As Steve, Jay, Ollie, Carmella and Nicola take shelter in an old pumping station, Ned worries about the missing Kirsten and insists on going to search for her. Luckily, he manages to find her wheezing on the ground. Meanwhile, the residents at the pumping station worry about Ned’s whereabouts and Marco is too late arriving back to open the door to the station in the face of the fire.

Later, as the fire passes over and Carmella manages to get the door open, there’s no sign of Marco…

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