The residents take on the hospital board

Libby and Dan hope for the best as Toadie faces the hospital board again. However, Dr Brian Rode threatens to publicise embarrassing information about the Kennedy-Fitzgeralds. Rattled, Toadie keeps his secret from Libby and is relieved when she and Dan decide they can’t afford to fight the hospital. However, when Bridget hears what’s going on, she stirs the good folk of Erinsborough to take grass roots action. Worried, Toadie reveals what’s at stake. However, feeling brave, Libby insists she’s not afraid of being shamed. As the protest heats up, Miranda pleads with Bridget to back down. But stubborn Bridget won’t – and finds herself under arrest.

When Ben chooses to do a school assignment on Lucas rather than his stepdad, it’s another blow to Dan’s ego. But as Lucas confronts his past racing glory, he worries his best days are behind him. Feeling unworthy of Ben’s admiration, he takes it out on Dan and the two brothers butt heads.

Susan’s ongoing hormone treatment is taking its toll on her emotional state. When Harry tentatively reaches out to her, her mood swings drive him away. She fears she’s blown her chance to get through to him.

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