The restaurant ceiling collapses!

Syed is stunned when he and Christian return from their break in Brighton to discover Tamwar and Afia are married. Syed advises them to keep their marriage a secret until after tonight’s engagement party. Yusuf offers to smooth things over with Masood so Syed and Christian can come to the party. Meanwhile, Greg tells Masood the restaurant needs to close while work is done on a dangerous ceiling, but Masood ignores his advice.

At the party, Tamwar tries to broach the subject of his marriage with his parents, but before he can Syed arrives with Christian. Masood and Zainab coldly tell them to leave, but Syed refuses. Tamwar tells his parents he wants Syed and Christian to stay. As the family argue, the ceiling collapses, covering the guests in dust and debris. Syed is trapped and lying unconscious beneath the rubble…

Pat’s back from New Zealand and is horrified when she finds out about Bianca being in prison and Whitney going missing. Pat is on the warpath and confronts Janine and accuses her of putting Whitney on the game. Meanwhile, Ricky is searching for Whitney in the red light district. A street girl, Tammy wants 30 pounds for information on Whitney. Ricky hands over the cash and is arrested for soliciting!