The River Boys kick off

John is not impressed by the River Boys spending more time in Summer Bay. Determined to try and restore some order to the beaches, he tells Romeo that it’s up to him, as the lifeguard on duty, to keep the boys in line.

Casey is taking a lot of flak for not standing up for Dex when he was being picked on. Casey tries to distance himself from the River Boys but finds it easier said than done. He tries to help Ruby with her surfing but Ruby misinterprets this. Later, Ruby tries to get Casey to intervene in the growing tensions on the beach but Casey can’t bring himself to do it.

Gina decides to inflict a more lenient punishment on April for stealing the chemicals, and she goes back on her earlier decision to forbid April from seeing Xavier. Despite all this, April feels like she hasn’t been punished enough and breaks up with Xavier anyway.

VJ is impressed by the River Boys and their surfing skills. Deciding to have a go, he paddles out into the sea to try. However, as tensions rise on the beach and in the water, VJ is struck by a board.

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