The River Boys make amends

Brax, the new boy in town, hasn’t got off to a great start. In light of the brawl at Angelo’s and fellow gang member Heath’s arrest, Brax starts calling around to try and smooth things over. After approaching Romeo with a warning to Miles, Brax then goes to visit Angelo with a case of booze to make up for what happened. He then makes Angelo an offer – he can supply cheap booze for the restaurant.

Miles is back in Summer Bay and Leah is desperately trying to get some information about what has been happening in Africa with Elijah. Miles is evasive on the subject and Leah is suspicious about what he might be hiding. Finally, Miles suggests that Leah just call and speak to Elijah himself instead of digging for information.

Dex is busy questioning Indi about the lack of Romeo in her life. Meanwhile, Romeo is asking himself the same thing. What’s happening with their relationship? Frustrated with being back in school for another year without Indi, he is feeling increasingly isolated and goes to spend some time with Indi. But she is studying with her uni friends and after waiting around for her for a while, he gives up and slips away.

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