The Roscoes are in hot pursuit of Dodger as he races topless through the village. Sandy catches up with the boys and while the brothers are distracted, Dodger makes his escape, leaving Sandy devastated. She goes to the boat to return Dodger’s clothes and is relieved to hear he still wants to see her despite her son’s protests.

Pauline accidentally tells Ste about Tony’s cancer. Meanwhile, Tony asks Doug to help him convince Ste not to go through with the assisted suicide, but by the time they arrive at the flat, it’s too late and Tony promises that Ste won’t get away with this. Ste is mournful as he watches the ambulance take his mother away, while Sandy is suspicious by what’s happened.

Browning is curious when he sees Myra at the hospital and knows she’s to blame when he’s suspended by Dr. Grey over his mother-in-law’s tampered medical records. He swears revenge and storms out of the hospital.

Later, Dr. Browning and Mercedes go to Mrs. Rahj’s house and find a will, which Mercy suggests they forge in their favour.