There are well-staged fights and comedy a-plenty when The Rock and Seann William Scott team up in this exuberant action comedy.

In his second starring role (following The Scorpion King), The Rock brings some granite-like authority to a knockabout story that has only one aim – to give him a major spot of bother every 10 minutes or so.

In the opening nightclub scene (spot Arnold Schwarzenegger in a cameo), he floors an entire squad of bodyguards and then he’s off to the Brazilian jungle, where his mission is to trace his boss’s son, treasure-hunter Scott.

But things soon prove a lot more complicated, with the locals, led by bar-girl Rosario Dawson, battling the iron rule of a corrupt mine-owner (a scene-stealing Christopher Walken), who’s paying the peasants peanuts as they dig for gold.

Also known as Welcome to the Jungle.