The scan has an impact on Lucas and Vanessa

When Rhys and Lucas argue at the ultrasound scan, Rhys realises he’s spoiling Vanessa’s special moment and lets Karl take over. Vanessa and Lucas are initially under whelmed at seeing the scan but when Karl turns the sound on and they hear the baby’s heartbeat they are moved by the beauty of what they’re witnessing. Lucas is clearly affected and, when Vanessa’s home from work, he asks her to move in permanently.

Andrew and Chris need to study for their exams and Tash starts to get on their nerves as she only has a short performance review to prepare for. Andrew hands her a test paper for his business course to look at and when she quickly completes it he suggests she’s on the wrong course. After an unfulfilling performance review, she starts to realise that Andrew is right and drops her course, though she remains unsure about what to do with her life.

And when Vanessa realises why Rhys left the scan to Karl, she starts to wonder if he could really be a plausible candidate for romance.