As the school tries to come to terms with the murder of Maxine Barlow, head Rachel believes she needs to be accountable for the shooting incident and plans to resign with immediate effect. But Paul’s shock revelation that the gun found at school at the start of term was Earl Kelly’s – not Denzil’s – compels her to make sure Denzil is released before she quits.

Meanwhile, bereavement councillor Charlotte has her work cut out with Steph and Janeece. Steph is doing everything she can to hide her true feelings, while Janeece is disturbed by the thought that if she hadn’t left Maxine alone with Earl, she might still be alive. Can Steph and Janeece find a way to share their grief and start the long process of healing?

Elsewhere, Maxine’s death has made several people realise that life’s too short. Donte stuns Chlo with a romantic proposition while Eddie has a surprise for Melissa – he’s organised a beach wedding in paradise – and they leave next week!