Annie auditions brilliantly for the school play. Romeo, however, doesn’t. Alf reminds him that if Romeo doesn’t get the part, he’ll have to watch another boy kiss Annie, so Annie and Romeo are thrilled to find out they’ve landed the lead roles. But Romeo is in fact playing Juliet, while Annie is playing Romeo.

John’s divorce is finalised. The first thing on his list is to ask Gina out. She’s unsure of his intentions but eventually agrees. John tells Gina how keen he is – it’s officially a first date. Afterwards, Gina invites John in and they kiss passionately.

Martha and Liam go car shopping. She teaches him the trick of not looking too interested. When the question arises about what Liam is looking for in a car, talk subtly turns to what Liam is looking for in life. Martha knows she’s part of that answer. They realise what a great time they both had… which is why Liam wants to move out. This shocks Martha but the last thing Liam wants is to ruin their friendship once more.

Tony has announced his idea about teaching kids boxing at Summer Bay High. It gets a cold reception from Gina. There are too many risks as far as she’s concerned, which swiftly puts an end to Tony’s plan.

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