The screw tightens for Hugo and Martha

Romeo tells Jill he wants her to leave. He’s had a gutful of her empty promises. John empathises with Romeo – he regrets giving up on his father, who was a drinker and went to an early grave. His words hit home. Romeo asks Jill to stay. She feels he’s better off without her, but Romeo tells her to fight for his respect.

Alf and Hugo talk about Hugo’s problems, but hit a brick wall. Martha suggests they sell the farm, buy a boat and go on the run. Hugo is reluctant to make his loved ones so vulnerable. Martha tells Hugo if he doesn’t come up with something better, they’re doing things her way.

Angelo is still suspicious, and talks to Alf about it. Alf’s reaction makes Angelo more suspicious. He tells Charlie, who insists they head to the farm. They spot a car speeding away and give chase. They lose the car, so return to Martha’s. She insists Hugo isn’t there. Charlie and Angelo continue their evening, finishing with a passionate kiss.

Colleen invites herself to a dinner with Miles, Elijah, Leah and VJ. Over the meal, it becomes clear that Elijah and Leah know very little about each other. Have they jumped into their engagement prematurely?

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