With no sign of baby Ella, Tasha and Robbie are frantic with worry and Robbie heads out to look for the tot. Suspecting that Charity has abducted Ella, Martha calls Jack at the Station, just as Robbie finds Ella’s dummy by the roadside. And when Jack arrives with news that Mumma Rose has escaped from the psychiatric hospital, Robbie and Tasha fear the worst, and Tasha is angry that she didn’t see through Charity’s act.

Meanwhile, Charity arrives at a country house where she’s greeted by Mumma Rose who sends her out to get supplies for tomorrow’s mysterious Believers ‘day of deliverance’ ceremony, involving baby Ella.

Later, Tasha worries when she realises the significance of today’s date for the Believers, but is pleased when the police catch Charity and take her in for questioning. A calm Irene persuades Charity to provide them with the address of Ella and Mumma Rose’s whereabouts, but the police have a race against the clock when Charity warns them Ella is to be exorcised of all demons with a purification by fire!

Also, Brad, Rachel and Kim are at Sally’s dinner party and Sally and Brad get along well. But Brad is defensive when Rachel casually comments on their growing friendship.