The search for Rosie continues…

Pc Joe Mason and DC Rachel Dawson have traded the Yorkshire moors for sunny Queensland, as they search for mechanic Rosie Cartwright, who seems to have disappeared off the face of Australia. Joe and Rachel are determined to get to the bottom of Rosie’s mysterious disappearance.

With them, but on a mission of her own, is nurse Carol Cassidy, who’s looking for her brother. He was sent to Australia as an orphan after the war and she’s desperate to find him. She places an advertisement asking for information but is conned and robbed by someone claiming to know her brother.

She turns to Joe and Rachel for help but they’re following up a strong lead in their own case… They’ve learned that another woman, young and blonde like Rosie, went missing a few years ago. Could the two disappearances be linked?

Left on her own, Carol decides to go for a swim, not realising the water is full of poisonous jellyfish. She’s saved from a serious injury by a local man, Nev, who offers to drive her to a safe beach. Has she learned her lesson about trusting strangers or is she about to disappear, too?

Meanwhile, back in town, a man is looking for Carol…