Toadie is rocked by Sonya’s revelation that she doesn’t like the person he is becoming and he begins to realise that his whole life is a lie. He tells Diana that the deal is off and that he no longer wants to be a part of her plan to bring Paul down. However, when Diana promises Toadie that the information he provides won’t be traced back to him, he agrees to continue working with her.

Desperate to protect his Mum, Declan’s forced to work against his friends’ efforts to save PirateNet. Sabotaging the Radiothon, Declan encourages Zeke and Donna to fight on air. However, the audience actually loves the on-air arguing and the phones go crazy with listeners making donations. Rebecca is thrilled but Declan is worried for his mum.

Witnessing a covert meeting between Diana and Toadie, Paul’s suspicions are raised. Later, sneaking up behind Toadie, Paul takes the file from the table, warning him he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life. With Toadie fighting Paul to get the file back, Paul walks into Charlie’s and hands Zeke a CD. A desperate Toadie tries to usher Libby and Steph out of the bar, but it’s too late, the recording of Steph and Dan’s phonecall is played out to a shocked audience. How will Libby react to the revelation?