The Secret Life of the Zoo – C4

Sisters are doing it for themselves (or with a little help from the keepers) in this week’s The Secret Life of the Zoo on C4

Females often need to stick together in the animal kingdom, and this week’s episode of The Secret Life of the Zoo on C4 looks at special sisterhoods at Chester Zoo.

Bactrian camels Becky (pictured above) and Mei-Li have been inseparable in the 10 years they’ve lived together, but when a nasty-looking wound on Becky’s hump fails to heal, vets fear it’s cancer and the girls may be torn apart forever.

Elsewhere, Rothschild’s giraffe Dagmar and new son Mburo receive support from her best friend, Orla, who’s expecting her fourth calf.

But Dagmar is struggling with suckling and keepers are hoping that the sight of Orla feeding her newborn will help.

Spider monkey The Secret Life Of The Zoo

The spider monkeys are causing concern in this week’s The Secret Life of the Zoo on C4

And there’s concern when Faye the spider monkey and her daughter withdraw from their family.

Having lost several of her offspring over the years, staff are worried for Faye and her daughter’s wellbeing…

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TV Times rating: ****