As Belle demands to know what’s Drew is doing in her house in his boxers, he thinks quickly and says he’s there to win her back. Stunned, Belle tells Drew to get his stuff and leave. Later, Amanda tells Macca that she slept with Drew and Belle nearly found out. Macca thinks she needs to end it before it goes any further and Amanda agrees.

Meanwhile, a happy Drew tells Leah and Dan that he’s seeing someone else, but he’s devastated when Amanda tracks him down at the Surf Club and tells him they’ve made a mistake and she’s ending it before Belle finds out. Distracted, Drew follows Amanda back to her house and begs her to reconsider her decision. She tells him it was all a mistake and their affair is over, but the pair are overheard by Dan who’s followed Drew. The secret is out!

Matilda supports Ric as he tries his hardest to get over Cassie but their conversation is interrupted by Cassie noisily moving out. Meanwhile, Cassie’s also finding it hard to cope and is upset to learn that Macca has been chucked out of his share house and still owes rent. Macca explains that his housemates didn’t approve of his affair with Cassie and they had a huge fight which led to him moving out.