The Sharmas rush to hospital to see Jai

As addict Jai lies lifeless on the ground in the graveyard, David and Leyla are stunned when they come across his body. Fearing the worst, Jai’s rushed to hospital. Over at the factory, it’s Priya’s moment to shine as Rishi tells the workers his daughter is now the boss. But her joy is cut short when the news of Jai’s demise hits. As they race over to the hospital, Nikhil’s about to leave when David fills him in.

When Nikhil arrives to be with his family, Priya is stunned and is left fuming when Rishi decides Nikhil should take over at the factory.

Pete tells Ross he’s going away for a bit. While Ross dishes out tips to avoid a long spell in prison, Pete shares his knowledge about Jack and Sarah’s routine. Can Ross handle domestic life with Debbie and the kids?

At Home Farm, Zak apologises to Lachlan. Elsewhere, Belle tells Vanessa she thinks her and Kirin still have a connection.