The soldiers return critically injured

William and Matthew are caught up in a blast at the front and are both badly wounded and sent home. Matthew is cared for at Downton, but the family are devastated to learn that he will never walk or have children. Mary insists on helping to nurse him, but he pushes Lavinia away.

Violet battles to get William brought back to Downton, but as it becomes clear that he is dying, he asks Daisy to marry him so that she can get a widow’s pension and the couple have an emotional wedding before he passes away.

Bates is awaiting his Decree Absolute, but Vera says that she is still going to sell her story about Mary, Anna and the dead Turk. Mary turns to Carlisle for help and he buys the story from Vera and then suppresses it. But now Mary is in Carlisle’s debt and news of their engagement is announced.

Mrs Hughes tells Ethel that Major Bryant is due to visit some of his comrades at Downton and Ethel asks her to give him a letter, but he ignores it. Meanwhile Cora is spending less time with Robert, who encounters a war widow, and Sybil says she can’t think about Branson’s declarations of love until the war is over.

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