The Square mourns Pat

Albert Square wakes up to life without Pat and grief is setting in for the Butchers. Carol fusses around the family trying to keep everyone’s spirits up. Finally alone, Carol allows her own grief to take over and she breaks down. David Wicks walks in on Carol and realises that she needs some time alone.

Later, the family head to the Vic and Alfie makes a heartfelt toast to Pat. David is not best pleased when Derek comes up to him at the bar and tells him that he’s not welcome in Walford. David’s courage is bolstered by the company around him and he tells Derek that Pat wanted him here and he’s not going anywhere.

Ian is still struggling over Mandy’s confession that she slept with Ricky, along with her insistence that Ricky was better in bed. Mandy realises Ian won’t forgive her and she packs her bags to leave. As Mandy’s about to get into the taxi she reveals to Ian that she had a baby with Ricky that died when it was a day old. Ian realises how heartbroken Mandy is and asks her to stay.

Also, Alfie hasn’t forgiven Kat over her nannycam confession; Ben’s shocked when Phil’s released from prison; Anthony takes a shine to Amira.