The staff stage a mutiny!

Julia tells Heston there might be a random health and safety inspection at The Mill. With Julia away, Heston appoints Mrs Tembe as Infection Control and Health and Safety Lead. But the power soon goes to her head and The Mill staff stage a mutiny to get her removed from her new position… just as the inspectors arrive!

When new health visitor Marina Bonnaire arrives at The Mill, she soon hits it off with Heston. She saw his performance as Koko and wants him to be part of a Victorian court re-enactment for the university centenary celebrations!

Meanwhile, Julia is spending time with Chloe while Patrick goes to the gym. When he calls Julia while driving, they get cut off, but unknown to Julia, Patrick has crashed and he’s not alone, he’s with Sian Standish. Patrick’s rushed to St Phil’s and Julia arrives, along with Sian’s sister Leanne.

Julia overhears Leanne telling Sian that Patrick’s never going to leave his wife. Patrick lies to Julia that he was with a golf buddy, but she guesses he’s having an affair. She reluctantly drives him home ,but refuses to talk.