The West Waratah Star publishes a front-page article blaming Steph for the accident. Guilty Elle can only watch in dismay as the storm she created leads to another mysterious attack on Steph’s house. Lucas instantly suspects her involvement and denounces her actions. As the fallout begins to affect business at the garage, Lucas strengthens his support of Steph. Has Elle’s attempt to save her boyfriend pushed him into the arms of another woman?

Having spent the last week organising grief counselling for his students, Dan himself isn’t coping. Libby can see that something’s not quite right and challenges Dan – who insists that everything is fine. But Libby finally makes him realise that he’d be a hypocrite to offer help to others and not accept it himself. Dan rings Dr Levi to make an appointment.

Sick and tired of having to do everything around the house, Kate argues with Harry. Dan later tells her she needs to take some time out for herself, and have some fun. So she decides to set some new ground rules in the house, and declares the Ramsay Street house a ‘no-rules’ zone. But how long will it last before things start heating up for her again?

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