The story of Lucy and Jessie

Edie investigates husband Dave’s past. She pops along to a local newspaper office and finds out that ‘David Dash’ had a previous wife and daughter who died in a car crash – but she hasn’t yet got hold of the most vital clue, which is that Mike and Susan were in the other car. Meanwhile, Dave persuades Katherine she must come on the camping trip with him and Mike – is she now in danger?

Gaby and Carlos get some good news when they attend Bradley’s funeral. Carlos is offered his dead boss’s high-flying job. Gaby can hardly keep the smile off her face as the sombre ceremony gets underway. But she’s soon fretting when Carlos appoints an ex-girlfriend to work for him

Susan’s anxious about her job evaluation and unwittingly give the come-on to a lesbian teacher after she invites her for dinner. When she describes the lingering kiss to the other girls and Lee at their weekly card game, it’s obvious to all what’s happened and Susan’s mortified. She does eventually manage to sort out the embarrassing situation, but still feels awful about it.

Bree finds a stash of stolen goods in her house and goes on the warpath over husband Orson’s stealing habit. She tries to put everything back where it came from in their neighbours’ houses, with disastrous results, then insists on Orson visiting a shrink. It seems, however, that his compulsion might have something to do with her recent business success making him feel neglected and worthless.

Lynette feels old and unwanted when she goes for job interviews and everyone else seems to be under 30. She’s desperate and asks Gaby for a job with Carlos. Eventually Gaby sorts it out, but only because she wants Lynette to spy on Carlos’s ex girlfriend.