The Sugdens learn some heartbreaking news

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Victoria learns that Andy is selling the farm and tells him that Jack won’t be impressed but Andy upsets her by pointing out that if Jack cared so much about the family he wouldn’t be in Spain. Daz realises that Victoria is missing her dad and advises her to visit him. But Diane has some heartbreaking news for them all when Annie calls from Spain to say that Jack has died of a heart attack.

Nicola and Jimmy get drunk and rowdy in The Woolpack and when they’re asked to leave, Jimmy buys some cans and they retire to the back of one of the Kings’ trucks. The drink gets the better of them and they end up having sex then falling asleep in the truck, which is driven off by one of the unwitting drivers!

Leyla is pleased when David seems jealous after asking whether she spent the night with Skin. Meanwhile, Skin breaks into Pearl’s house and ransacks it. Pearl arrives home to catch him in the act and he does a runner but he ends up flat on his back when David opens his van door and accidentally hits him. Leyla calls David a hero and plants a kiss on him.

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