Diane returns to the village with Annie for Jack’s funeral. Victoria seeks reassurances from Annie that Jack hadn’t forgotten about her and gets some peace of mind when Annie begins reminiscing. Turner agrees to help organise the service. Annie is alarmed to hear that Andy is having doubts about whether to attend, but Daz says he’ll make sure that he’s there.

Diane takes Victoria and Daz to Butlers’ to search for Andy, but there’s no sign of him, and she still hasn’t heard from Robert. Victoria is furious that her brothers are being so selfish and is bitter with Diane that nobody was with Jack when he died. Diane insists that she wishes things could have been different, but she still loved Jack. Victoria can’t hide her resentment and claims that the Sugdens aren’t a proper family any more.

Chas tells off Paddy for continuing to ignore Marlon and a guilty Paddy heads to Tall Trees with some beers. The friends get drunk and Marlon insists he’s over Donna, but Paddy doesn’t believe him. Eli turns up at the house and confesses that he’s been thrown out of Tug Ghyll and abandoned by the other Dingles. Eli pledges to devote all of his time to supporting Marlon from now on.

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