The Sun Hill officers make a chilling discovery

Pcs Sally Armstrong and Benjamin Gayle are patrolling outside a school when they find teenager Paul Herriot badly beaten. Back at Sun Hill, CCTV footage reveals that Bryce Lucas, the father of another pupil, was his attacker. Bryce admits to beating up Paul after being sent a video of Paul abusing his daughter, Lizzie.

When Ben and DC Mickey Webb see that the video features Paul telling Lizzie to take her top off and Lizzie refusing before the screen goes blank, they arrest Paul at the hospital. Paul soon confesses that his mother’s fiance, Matthew, has been abusing him and forced him to make the tape of Lizzie.

Later, Ben and Sally quiz Paul’s former counsellor, Michael Weaver, who tells them that he believes Paul was abused by his late father – not Matthew. After further investigation, the officers visit a lock-up that Paul inherited from his father and are disturbed by what they see…

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