Conscious of Ruby feeling left out around her and Jai, Annie decides that they need to make a real effort to include her at the Surf Carnival. The Carnival goes off without a hitch, but Annie doesn’t notice that Ruby would far rather be spending time with Miles than hanging out with them, until Jai points out that Ruby has a crush on him. Ruby tells them to mind their own business, but when Miles heroically rescues Ruby from a bag snatcher, Ruby’s feelings for him increase.

Freaked out by Bartlett’s attentive behaviour towards her, Kirsty confides in Leah who tells her she has to take action. When Kirsty diplomatically raises the issue with Bartlett he says he’s mortified she would feel uncomfortable about their relationship. But it seems Bartlett may not have been telling the entire truth!

Despite his date with Charlie not going as planned, things start looking up for Angelo when he sees Belle in the Surf Club and the pair share a few drinks together. Belle invites Angelo to her new book club but the first meeting is a disaster with Angelo the only one who turns up. But Angelo is determined to show Belle a good night.

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