The Tans thank Holby

The Holby team pull together to avert the developing crisis with the separation of the conjoined Tan twins and there’s still some much to do. Jayne knows she’s gambled everything by telling the press all about the funding for the operation and Crowe tells her the board is not happy with her choice of action and they feel her resignation will be needed.

Meanwhile, problems arise in the operating theatre when Ric and Michael perform the last procedure on the twins. The weaker twin gets a bleed but Michael has no idea where it’s coming from and they only have seconds to find it. Connie and Elliot look on as Michael and Ric try to stem the bleed and, after hours in surgery, the separation of the twins is a success.

Later, Jayne is delighted to hear that the government has finally agreed to pay for the twins’ separation so Holby City can give Steve Randall his money back and that the Tans have been granted asylum in Britain. But as the Tans publicly thank Holby for saving their babies, Jayne’s future at the hospital hangs in the balance.

Maria has coffee with the doctor who was working with Adler and discovers he is the same Aaron who has been emailing her. She agrees to go out with him.