There’s chaos on the Farmead Estate as word get round that Sammy has been hit by an ambulance, and the furious residents take to the streets, throwing missiles and setting cars on fire. Meanwhile, Sammy arrives at the hospital with extensive injuries and the team battle to save her.

Charlie is trying to track down Tess, who hasn’t returned from her break. Sammy’s phone keeps ringing, and when Toby answers it, he’s surprised to hear Charlie on the other end. They soon realise that Sammy has Tess’s phone, but when they play some saved video footage on it, they are horrified to learn of Tess’ condition.

Charlie is desperate to get to Tess, but when the estate is declared a no-go area, Charlie and the staff mount an undercover operation to avoid being spotted. Arriving at the estate, Charlie and his team struggle to find Tess, who’s getting weaker. But when Big Mac identifies train noise on the video, they race to Tess’s aid.

Tess is brought into resus, barely alive, and Adam takes control. At first, he struggles in the overcrowded room, but when Tess arrests, Adam and the team battle to bring her round. As Tess is taken to theatre, a shaken Adam leaves resus and dumps his application form for the Clinical Lead job in the bin thinking he’s not cut out for it.