Neil Stuke (Reggie Perrin, Monday Monday) guest stars in a dark story of vicious crimes revealed when the UCOS team unwrap two unsolved rapes at a chocolate factory…

It’s the rape of Helen Vestry at a bakery that points Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her old dogs Jack, Brian and Gerry in the direction of two attacks at a chocolate-makers 10 years ago. Helen’s evidence links her attack to the rape of Jean Saunders and Eileen Harrison, who worked for Duncan Miller (Neil Stuke) at the Pyramid Chocolate Factory, and were both assaulted on the premises. Yet Duncan insists he runs a happy business; everything and everyone’s sweet. Jean has since died, so she can’t contradict him, and Eileen has shut up and shut down since she was attacked.

Luckily for the team, though, factory supervisor Tilly Shaw and her husband Mick have plenty to say – and none of it sweet. The sour couple point the finger at Duncan, claiming his security cutbacks left staff vulnerable. But another finger – one found in a chocolate bar – points to more nasty goings-on and Sandra and co are pushed to their limits as they try to piece together the unsavoury details… Not the best time, then, for Gerry to give up smoking. But he does – and that just adds stress for the whole team.