The team have a scary day out

The team arrive at an abandoned hospital for their team building day. Suddenly Bill appears and splits into two teams to survive a Zombie invasion. Both teams find themselves at a stream and need to build a bridge to allow them to get across. Daniel makes it to the other side while Sid is surprised by the appearance of a zombie! Jimmi tells Sid that the whole thing is ridiculous – but Daniel’s fired up and starts to take a lead role in the action.

Both teams are told that one of them has to make a sacrifice, so Mrs Tembe throws herself to the mercy of a zombie, while Heston reluctantly does the same. Working as one big team, they manage to get the serums past a horde of zombies but Jimmi is the only one to survive. Bill compliments Jimmi on surviving and he unenthusiastically admits they worked as a team. Daniel points out that you can’t be a good leader without a good team and begins reassessing his role at The Mill.