The team is in a state of panic following Harry’s kidnapping by FSB agent Viktor Sarkisian. It seems their worst fears are confirmed when the Sacred Army of Righteous Vengeance (SARV) posts footage of Harry’s execution on the internet. However, Ros refuses to believe Harry is dead and leads Lucas North and the rest of the team on a mission to find him.

When Sarkisian’s body is found, it seems they’ve lost their strongest lead. Ros sends Lucas to try to extract information from new CIA liaison officer Sarah Caulfield but, despite a clear attraction between the pair, it appears she can’t assist him. However, help arrives from an unexpected source when former team member Ruth Evershed returns to the grid, fearing for her life.

Ruth reveals that Harry once thwarted a clandestine operation to smuggle weapons-grade uranium into Iraq, and only he and Ruth are privy to its true whereabouts. Now a group of rogue intelligence officers want it back and they don’t care who they have to kill to get it.

When Ruth and her family are kidnapped, the race is on for Section D to not only find them before they are killed, but also to discover whether Harry is still alive.

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