The team sails into stormy waters

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Robert Strickland has taken a happy pill (or something) and has invited DS Sandra Pullman and her crew of Jack Halford, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing to have drinks on his sailing boat. Very nice – until it becomes the scene for their next investigation.

Fellow sailor Lawrence Fisher (James Weber-Brown), who’s berthed next to Strickland, gets in a nasty argument with Leanne Sweeting (Joanna Horton). It’s not a lover’s tiff or a fight over who gets to wear the Captain’s cap… As Leanne explains to Jack, she’s sure that Fisher set her father up as the fall guy when his tugboat collided with a luxury yacht owned by Fisher’s business rival Grant Milburn.

Five people, including Milburn, died in the accident. An investigation cleared Leanne’s father, Neville (Rob Spendlove), of any blame but Milburn’s widow, Carole (Barbara Flynn) brought a civil action against him and that, with his guilt, have destroyed him.

Leanne insists Fisher was behind the tragedy and tells the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS) she has a witness who can prove that Fisher caused the deaths by sabotaging Milburn’s boat.

Surprisingly, that’s all Strickland needs to hear to encourage the team to wade in and investigate his sailing buddies. Is he up to something?

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