The team’s sold on the salesman’s murder

Former prostitute Alice Hill has decided to be a good girl from now on and has a lot to get off her chest – including a murder. It’s not one that she committed, mind you, just one that she claims happened.

That’s where Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her old dogs Jack Halford, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing come in. For the murder that Alice is talking about happened years ago to a successful timeshare dealer called Dean Scott.

Dodgy business, timeshares, as Gerry would say – but dodgy enough to get yourself murdered? When he died, Dean’s death was ruled a suicide. Now Alice is saying that’s wrong. She was with the ‘Lord of Lanzagrotty’, as he was known, on the night he died and saw someone sneaking into his house as she left.

When the team talks to his widow, Pamela, she agrees with Alice. The finger’s pointed at Dean’s former business partner, Mike Barnes, who ripped off Pamela, leaving with her with huge debts. He’s doing very nicely, thank you, back in Britain and running property seminars, but he certainly has the look of a cheap crook.

And when the squad finds evidence that he’s linked to a heavy-hitting gangster, they start to believe that Dean’s departure from this world might not have been voluntary, after all…