The teens break into school!

Anita steals Gov’s keys for the school and she and Lauren break in to hunt for their GCSE results, too nervous to wait for them to be posted up the next day. The girls stumble upon Newt and Theresa, who have broken in for a snogging session. Theresa is grumpy when Newt wants to join the girls in looking for their results. When the teens find the crucial envelope they are all suddenly nervous about taking a peek.

Lauren takes the lead and finds a kettle in the sixth form common room to steam open the envelope. The teens are interrupted by Ricky, who followed Anita and Lauren into the building and now wants to know what’s going on. Ricky’s interruption stops Lauren from opening the envelope and instead they pass the time with table football and some booze.

Newt is sad when his friends talk about how their parents will feel about their results and he confesses that his mother has been in touch. A tipsy Theresa encourages Newt to make the first move. Ricky heads home and the others finally steam open the envelope. All four are pleased with their results and Newt sends a text message to his mum, hinting at the good news.

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