Summer, Natasha and Andrew turn their attentions to Diana. Summer remembers that Lyn mentioned Diana making a call to a mystery man on the night Paul was pushed. The trio head to Harold’s and look through the phone bill. When they come across a number they don’t recognise, they call it.

With the teens hot on Diana’s trail, they witness a conversation between her and the mystery man. They decide to follow him, but Natasha takes a short-cut down an alley, and sees the man putting something in the bin. She quickly fishes it out but the man spots her.

Back at Harold’s, Andrew tells Natasha what she did was stupid, but he shuts up when she shows him what she took out of the bin – the man’s phone! The phone rings, it’s Diana. She leaves a voicemail telling ‘Jack’ that the police are following her and he needs to leave town.

When Andrew takes the phone to the police, they tell him they can’t use it as evidence as the phone is stolen and it would jeopardise the whole investigation. Andrew realises he has stuffed up yet again.

However, Andrew confronts Diana and things get heated just as the cops arrive. They handcuff and arrest Diana. Back at Harold’s, Susan gets an email from an anonymous sender saying ‘Diana didn’t do it.’

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