The teens go camping

Newt and Theresa plan a romantic camping trip to get some time alone together but Anita finds out and invites herself along with Ricky and Lauren. The girls appropriate Newt’s tent, leaving Newt to bunk in with Ricky. After lights out Theresa sneaks out to see Newt but accidentally ends up curling up next to Ricky and it’s not long before a spooked Anita and Lauren end up in Ricky’s luxury six-man tent, too!

Hannah is infuriated when she bumps into Ash, who seems to think she’ll come crawling back to him now that Justin is out of the way. Hannah tells Nancy and Zoe that she’s not letting men push her around any more and when she sees Ash at the SU Bar she gets her own back and humiliates him in front of everyone.

Rhys refuses to forgive Josh for wrecking his chances with Hayley. A repentant Josh begs Hayley to give Rhys another chance but she doesn’t want to listen. Hayley is surprised when Zoe tells her that she should at least hear him out and she heads to The Dog to talk to him but catches Rhys with a drunken punter, who has grabbed him for a cheeky snog.

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