*Double episode*

Fat Boy and Leon plan to head out to a party near Fat Boy’s uncle’s cottage in Hampshire. Lucy is miffed when they invite Peter, Zsa Zsa and Whitney, but leave her out. Lucy invites herself along then schemes to turn Zsa Zsa and Whitney against Leon. The gang head off to Hampshire in Fat Boy’s van.

Pat’s pleased when Harvey gives her some earrings until she discovers they were only cheap. Harvey visits Peggy and gives her some expensive earrings and invites her to the theatre. Peggy pretends she’s busy so Harvey returns to Pat’s and invites her instead. Pat visits Peggy, who reveals that she’s worried her cancer may have returned as she’s found a lump…

Bianca and Ricky discover that the appeal against Liam’s school placement is all set for Wednesday. Bianca worries as they will have to face a panel of five people from the education board. Carol ropes in Liz, Dot, Bilile and Patrick to pose as the panel so that Bianca can rehearse, but under pressure Bianca loses her cool and feels even more despondent about their chances.

Also, Billie’s upset when he learns Whitney has gone to Hampshire with the gang without telling him.

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