When the teens convince Daniel and Libby to chaperone them to an all ages gig, Declan and Ringo break their trust with devastating consequences.

Toadie and Steph deal with their emotions as they prepare for Toadie’s departure from Ramsay Street. Toadie struggles to leave behind his love for Steph and Charlie to find a new identity and future for himself while Steph realises that if she loves Toadie she needs to set him free.

Harold begins the painful process of separating himself from Ramsay Street by showing his friends how much he cares. In turn Ramsay Street shows Harold how much he means to all of them. On the brink of their big adventure, Toadie and Harold bond and Toadie buys Harold a satellite navigation system so that Harold will always know how to get back to Ramsay Street.

Lou denies anything is going on between him and Valda, declaring he prefers the life of a single man. After Valda has a near fatal accident, when she falls asleep leaving the grill on, she decides to join Harold on the road after Steph insists she can manage things on her own.

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