It’s a big day for Gaby and Carlos as they finally meet their real daughter, Grace, who was swapped at birth with Juanita. And it seems Grace is a chip off the old block – she’s spoiled, demanding, and loves beautiful things as much as Gaby! The two families agree to meet regularly, but not to reveal the truth to the girls themselves.

However, Gaby puts the agreement at risk when she can’t resist buying Grace a little ‘starter’ Chanel bag, a $1,800 gift that’s not appreciated by her ‘adoptive’ parents, who are of much more modest means…

The war between Bree and Renee escalates as each ruins the other’s date with Keith. Renee arranges for Bree’s grandson to arrive, while Bree finds out that Renee is petrified of dwarves and asks her little friend from church to spook her.

When Lynette uses her daughter Penny for babycare, it backfires badly as Penny decides to take her baby sister to school. Susan’s forced to take her sexy web job to a more erotic level but it seems someone knows about it and has obtained evidence of a sexy poster of Susan that thought she’d kept secret. And Paul seems to threaten Mrs McCluskey, but she fights fire with fire!

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