The Time Of The Doctor

*Christmas 2013 special*

It’s the end of an era as Doctor Who regenerates into his next incarnation, played by Peter Capaldi. But first, Matt Smith’s Doctor has an epic intergalactic battle to fight….

The Doctor has come across bizarre signals from a mysterious planet. Knowing the strange messages are tied to his own fate and that of the universe, the Doctor rescues his friend Clara (Jenna Coleman) from a family Christmas dinner so they can take the TARDIS to investigate further.

Monstrous beings have been also been drawn to the space messages, including the Doctor’s most frightening foes, such as Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Daleks and The Silence! Will there be an almighty clash?

This Christmas episode also sees the Doctor arriving on Trenzalore, the planet housing his grave. So is this where he regenerates into the next Doctor?

Look out for a host of guest stars, such as Benidorm’s Shelia Reid as Clara’s grandmother, Mistresses star Orla Brady who plays an old friend of The Doctor Tasha Lem, plus Hustle star Rob Jarvis and Tesse Peake-Jones (Only Fools & Horses) as characters called Abramal and Marta.