The Tormentor targets Maisie

Natasha is confident she has put The Tormentor in his place. Really? Determined to get Mama Wylde to pay up, The Tormentor turns their attention to the family’s weak link, Maisie. The doorbell goes at Home Farm and Nathan finds a birthday present for Maisie with a label that says, ‘From Dad’. He manages to rip off the tag before Maisie gets it, but he and Natasha hold their breath as she opens it… and finds a watch. Tick-tock, Natasha: The Tormentor wants money… Will she pay up… or get trigger-happy again…?

Life’s very awkward for David right now, too… He’s not covering up a murder but he is hading his dirty dealings with Nathan and Declan from Leyla. She doesn’t know just what he did to get the shop and Farrers Cottage so she’s very confused when David refuses Declan’s generous offer to get Jackson to work on their shop for free…

Meanwhile, just as Shadrach is making himself comfortable at Tall Trees, he gets called back to the hospital, where he’s told to stop drinking – or die…

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