Ben Affleck doubles up as star and director of this gritty crime thriller set in Boston.

The film opens with a grippingly staged bank heist that doesn’t exactly go to plan for the gang of masked robbers led by Affleck.

They manage to escape with the loot, but briefly take Rebecca Hall’s bank manager hostage. Worried that she might be able to finger them for the crime, Affleck decides to keep tabs on her – and the pair end up falling in love.

But with FBI agent Jon Hamm breathing down the gang’s neck and local crime kingpin Pete Postlethwaite leaning on them to pull off another job, can Affleck extricate himself from his criminal life and prevent Hall from finding out the truth?

Though Affleck and Hall struggle to pull off their characters’ far-fetched romance, he handles the action scenes with brutal efficiency and gets terrific performances from Hamm, Postlethwaite and Oscar-nominated Jeremy Renner, as his hot-tempered partner in crime.