Victoria steals a key for Dale View and takes Aaron over there to consummate their relationship and after a passionate kiss they head upstairs. Later, Daz and Scarlett walk into Dale View and realise what Victoria and Aaron have been up to and a furious Daz tries to throw Aaron out. Victoria confronts Daz and accidentally lets slip about them sleeping together. Scarlett and Aaron are stunned.

Daz is terrified about the repercussions now the truth is out. Scarlett runs home upset and refuses to see Daz when he tries to apologise. Daz fears what Andy will do to him and he hurriedly packs a bag intending to do a runner but he has second thoughts when Jake points out it’s not fair for him to leave Victoria to face the music alone.

Carl gets home after his night shift and Jimmy warns him that Lexi is on the warpath. Carl takes a huge bunch of flowers to the factory as an apology and Lexi graciously accepts them to save face in front of her staff. Carl and Lexi later meet up in The Woolpack and Carl promises he’ll try harder with her at home, but Lexi is left upset when it’s clear that Carl isn’t interested in having kids.