*Hour-long special*

Stacey takes Martin and Kush into No.23 to have a look round, where they find a dead Nick Cotton. Charlie and Dot arrive at No.23 and are stunned to find Stacey and the lads. Meanwhile, Ian heads to the Vic to confront Denise after learning about Lauren’s message. Interrupted by Martin, Ian learns Dot is in trouble and takes round Sharon to help.

Carol is called, and everyone agrees to dispose of the body, keeping Nick’s death from the police with Les’s help. Much to everyone’s horror, Dot has already turned herself in. Finding Peter, Ian reveals that Denise isn’t Lucy’s killer. Ian makes a call home and returns to confront… Jane. But is she really the killer?

Kim smarts at hurtful comments by Denise. When she goes into early labour in The Vic toilets, Denise steps up to the mark to help. Sonia and Tina help Kim deliver a baby girl, who Kim calls Pearl. As Kim gets into the ambulance with her baby, she tells Denise to stay away from her.

Also, Mick throttles Dean when he’s found by Nancy sloshing petrol around the barrel store. Has Mick killed him? Phil waits on some waste ground to meet Ben’s supposedly dead mum, Kathy! Tanya confesses to Jane she still holds a candle for Max. Stacey dodges Martin when he moves in for a kiss.