There’s domestic drama and barnyard barneys when farmer John finds out his wife has been making hay with Cain. How does he find out? Well, Cain just can’t keep his mouth shut – and doesn’t want to. His affair with Moira is her dirty little secret, not his – and he’s not going to keep it for her, especially after she tells him they’re finished. First he taunts John, then he makes it quite clear that Moira has slept with him. Shocked and angry, John demands the truth from Moira.

Jai has decided that he won’t tell Mia the truth about him being her father; he’ll keep Declan’s secret. That’s what he tells Declan, but Declan doesn’t tell him his daughter’s dead. Jai hears the terrible news by phone from Ella – and Adam finds out from Jai.

Laurel tells Ashley she’s throwing him a party for his 50th birthday, but the organisation throws Marlon and Laurel together after Diane insists they have the party in the pub. Uh-oh.

*Second episode*

Riddled with guilt and sodden with shame, Moira confesses all to John. Yes, she had sex with Cain – not because she loves him, but because she couldn’t resist him. Well, John has plenty of feelings for Moira, but mainly he hates her and wants her gone. Their domestic drama is interrupted by Holly and Adam, who have their own shocking news: Mia’s dead. Adam’s consoled by John, but Holly realises something is very wrong between her mum and dad…

Katie knows there’s something wrong between Declan and Jai and can’t understand why Declan would reject his best friend at a time when he needs his support. She doesn’t know Jai is Mia’s biological father – and that Declan has told him to stay away from her funeral. But Declan does eventually tell her the truth and finally allows Katie to comfort him.

Ashley needs a bit of reassurance after Sandy makes a smart-ass remark that causes him to suspect that Marlon might be carrying a torch for Laurel (and not the kind that would help her find her way from the vicarage to the pub). Ashley asks Sandy if Marlon fancies his missus – and Sandy gives his son an honest answer.