It seems that a fatal fire in London’s badlands in 1996 still has enough heat to hurt people, as Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her old dogs Jack, Brian and Gerry discover when they reopen the investigation.

At the time of the fire, at a Union Club, it was ruled accidental, but a former employee, Dawn Abbott (Tilly Vosburgh – Susan Rose – EastEnders/Elaine Dalton – Holby City), is now saying that the fire was deliberately set to kill Mark Johnson, who had some very dodgy dealings and who, says Dawn, had received death threats. Well, if all that’s true then the fire did its job. Trouble is, Dawn hasn’t come forward out of the goodness of her heart. She’s been nicked on a drugs bust and may well say anything to try to get the law to look more kindly on her. But Mark’s brother Danny (Martin Marquez – Hotel Babylon) is sure his brother was murdered and wants to dish out his own punishment.

Danny’s burning desire to know the truth doesn’t help Sandra & co, though… Knowing that he wants revenge, all surviving victims clam up, not wanting to suffer any more. So the team turns to the fire investigator, George Mackie (Roy Marsden – The Green Grass, The Palace) and, suddenly, the heat is really on…