An armed robbery takes place at a takeaway restaurant as men in balaclavas raid the till and run. But as their getaway car fails, the men decide to hijack a car and its driver.

Ronnie Brooks and Sam Casey are soon onto them, and they discover that it was taxi driver Michael Coombes whose car was stolen by the thieves. One of the robbers, Frank Donovan, is found with a gunshot wound and is taken to hospital. Ronnie and Sam race to talk to him and find out where they’ve taken Michael, but Frank refuses to tell them.

Eventually, he says that he will reveal Michael’s whereabouts, as long as the police agree to his terms – including only being charged with manslaughter. Eventually, Ronnie and Sam agree and sign – with Frank revealing that Michael is alive in a lock-up. When the police swoop, they find that Michael is dead – and has been for at least 24 hours. Frank lied to them.

Frank Donovan’s accomplice, James Harper, is then found dead in nearby woods. It turns out that to steal the entire amount from the robbery, Frank Donovan also killed his former pal. But after Thorne finds a loophole in the contract signed, Frank is charged with murder and is sent to prison.