The Valentines get surprise visitors

Nervous Sasha prepares for her first day at sixth form, vowing that Michaela and Fletch’s antics are not going to ruin her first day. Fletch pleads for Sasha’s forgiveness but she won’t budge. Later, Sasha and Leo sit down to a quiet meal together, but their evening is interrupted when a suitcase comes smashing through the window. The event prompts Leo to make a shocking confession…

As Hannah struggles to accept what’s happened to Melissa, Sarah and Nancy are shocked to discover the disturbing nature of Hannah’s illness. They reassure their friend they’ll help her through it but Hannah isn’t interested, insisting that Melissa is the only person who understands what she’s going through. Trying a bit of tough love, Sarah tells Hannah a few home truths to try to make her see sense.

John-Paul and Sarah both compete for Craig’s affection, and he’s delighted by the attention. When John-Paul demands to know why Craig doesn’t want them to go and help Hannah, Craig lies and tells him that after he broke Hannah’s heart by telling her he was gay, Hannah wouldn’t want to see him.