Following Amy’s unwanted kiss, the Doctor decides to reunite her with fiance Rory and tries to reignite their romance by taking them to 16th century Venice.

There, they hear of a powerful woman, Rosanna Calvierri, who runs a school for young girls. However, the students have fangs and an aversion to sunlight and appear to have been turned into vampires by Calvierri and her sinister son Francesco, but the Doctor believes there is more to the mystery than meets the eye.

Amy goes undercover into the school to find out more and after she fights back when the Calvierris attack her, Rosanna briefly turns into strange alien creature. The Doctor and Rory get Amy out and the Doctor confronts Rosanna who reveals she is one of a fish-like people who escaped their own world due to the mysterious cracks in the universe and she has been transforming Venetians in a bid to restart her race. When the Doctor refuses to help her she commands a storm, but he climbs her control tower and stops it and a despairing Rosanna throws herself in the canal.

As they leave Venice, Amy asks Rory to stay with her and the Doctor on the Tardis.